How We Differ from Other Firms

We aim to provide efficient high-quality services to applicants for patent protection in Australia and New Zealand in a very cost-effective way. To achieve this, we keep our overheads low. We do not employ staff with high levels of technical expertise in particular fields of technology. We do not offer add-on services such as litigation services. We are not able to accommodate non-standard arrangements for communication or billing. We offer the same low prices to all clients; we do not negotiate special deals.

If you prefer to use the services of a patent attorney who is an expert in a particular field of technology during the prosecution of your patent applications, that is fine by us. You can still save up to half the total cost of obtaining a patent in Australia or New Zealand by using our firm to file the application and request examination, and then transferring the file to another patent attorney firm with the requisite expertise.

We May be a Suitable Match for you if:

  • You are seeking the lowest cost way of obtaining patents in Australia without compromising quality
  • You are seeking to reduce the costs of filing and requesting examination of your patent applications before transferring those patent application files to another Australian firm for prosecution (if you need highly qualified experts in science and engineering)
  • You need fast free advice on any aspect of the patent or trade mark application process
  • You need a fast free or low-cost way of resolving a problem
  • You need a free second opinion on any matter relating to patent or trade mark applications

We May Not be a Good Match for you if:

  • You need technical assistance from highly qualified experts in science and engineering
  • You want a customised billing arrangement which differs from what we offer all clients
  • You are not able to pay our bills promptly
  • You want a one-stop-shop which provides litigation and other add-on services

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Telephone: +61 421 573 412

Mail: Patents AU Pty Ltd, 43 Bowen Street, Malvern East VIC 3145, Australia